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About Der Voltigierzirkel

Our magazine „Aktueller Voltigierzirkel“

Aktueller Voltigierzirkel
  • 4 times a year you will receive the members‘ magazine „Aktueller Voltigierzirkel“ free of charge (worldwide!) – the only German-language magazine for Equestrian Vaulting.
  • This way you are always informed about current events and innovations in Equestrian Vaulting!
  • In addition, you can – if you wish – write articles yourself.

Discounts from cooperation partners

Videos & podcast episodes in the members‘ area

  • You have access to the members‘ area on our website and can watch Marc Schuirmann’s videos and listen to the „Volticast“.

Social Media

Certificates for your event

  • You have the possibility to order certificates at cost price. The certificates offer enough space to enter your name, place, ranking and the like. Just write us a message via the contact form: just click here

Sponsorship Awards & support

Sponsorship Award for amateur sports – exclusively for our members

  • You can take part in the Sponsorship Award for amateur sports, if the coach or an active member is a member of Der Voltigierzirkel e. V. The prize for the winner: a training course with a top vaulter or coach!

Sponsorship Award „Best Newcomer DJM“

  • Every year, the best-placed individual vaulters and the best-placed group are awarded at the German Championships for Juniors.

Deutscher Voltigierpokal

  • The three best Junior Pas de Deux receive financial support for a training course.

Support Senior vaulters

  • At the German Championships the best Pas de Deux vaulters are supported with cash and non-cash prizes.

Exchange within the vaulting community & shape the sport

Vaulting Conference in Altleiningen

  • Top-class speakers, multi-layered topics and a great atmosphere – that’s what the Vaulting Conference offers.
  • You get a discount on the participation fee.

Bring your ideas to life!

  • Through the „Voltigierzirkel community“, you can support the sport of vaulting through your own commitment.
  • And thus actively participate in the further development of the sport!

Membership for personal members, families, clubs & business enterprises

  • Each member enjoys the benefits listed.
  • Each family member enjoys all the benefits.
  • In the case of an club membership, 7 persons can benefit from the advantages.
  • If a business enterprise is a member, 1 representative of the business enterprise can enjoy all the benefits.

Membership fees

According to the resolution of the General Assembly of 16.08.2022:

Personal members:
Members under 27 years Euro 32,-/year
Members over 27 years Euro 50,-/year
Families with 1 child (under 18 years) Euro 89,-/year
Families with 2 or more children Euro 99,-/year

Club memberships:
Euro 145,-/year

Business enterprises:
Euro 50,-/year

For families there is the possibility of family membership. If a family has one child (under 18), they pay Euro 89,- per year and receive three times all the benefits that members receive, i.e. three times the magazine Aktueller Voltigierzirkel.

If a family has two or more children under 18, they pay Euro 99,- per year. In return, they receive all benefits as often as there are family members. So a family consisting of father, mother and three children receives all benefits five times, i.e. five times the magazine Aktueller Voltigierzirkel.

Every club that registers as a member of the Voltigierzirkel e. V. enjoys the following benefits:

  • Each issue of the magazine Aktueller Voltigierzirkel 7x free of charge
  • 7 people are granted access to the members‘ area of www.voltigierzirkel.de
  • 7 persons can register at the Vaulting Conference as well as cooperation events at more favourable conditions and order at lower prices for cooperation offers

Each business enterprise appoints a representative who enjoys all the benefits that personal members also receive.

If you become a supporting member, you determine the amount of the contribution yourself – but at least Euro 50,-/year. This way you can support the work of Der Voltigierzirkel e. V. in an even more targeted way and stay connected to the sport, e.g. if you are no longer an active vaulter and/or no longer want to read our members‘ magazine „Aktueller Voltigierzirkel“.

The conditions of membership in Der Voltigierzirkel e. V. can be found in our statutes: Just click here

Gift of a membership

It is possible to give a gift of a membership to a third person for a certain period of time (e.g. 1 year). If you would like to give a membership as a gift, simply fill out the registration form (see below) and add at the bottom that you would like to give the membership as a gift. Our membership administration will arrange everything else with you.

It’s worth being a member of Der Voltigierzirkel!

Simply fill in the registration form: Just click here